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NAKD Cocoa Mint Fruit Nut Bar (18X35G)

Barcode: 5060088701829 Product code: 67922 BIN number: 24894

The Nakd bars are part of a range of mainly raw food bars produced by Natural Balance Foods and include Trek energy and protein bars, have a look at our line of products here, Nakd Oatie bars and the Naked bars that we ate on the way back to London which are totally grain free – just raw fruits and nuts, ‘smooshed’ together into what we really had to admit were delicious, soft but chewy, tasty, fresh and filling bars.


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Cocoa Mint Fruit Nut Bar 
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NAKD Cocoa Mint Fruit Nut Bar overview

We're a little young British company devoted to increasing world happiness with healthier snacks, humour and helpfulness.

That means we make delicious, good-for-you munchies, do our best to help others, and try to spread a little joy along the way.

If that sounds like the kind of company you can support, we'd really appreciate your business.

NAKD Cocoa Mint Fruit Nut Bar warnings

Keep out of reach of children.

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